Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jon Stewart on what's wrong with CNN (as well as the other 24-hour news channels)

Not having cable TV, I am either blessed or cursed to be unable to watch how news is turned into sausage (news links! ha ha) on the likes of CNN, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. Most of my news comes from listening to specific podcats from NPR and PBS programs like Newshour, where there is a lot more balance than one would expect (they actually let the Democrats and even the Republicans who are guests on their show speak not just in full sentences but in full paragraphs).

On occasion, when I do get exposure to CNN or Fox News, I am struck by the tabloidy, newsbitey, flashy way that news is diminished and mixed with utterly non-newsworthy events. Seriously, an act of Congress should be passed forcing CNN to change its name to ADD.

It's actually quite dismaying, because this is how so many Americans are supposedly getting the information they need in order to vote and do other important civic activities they may have vaguely heard about in twelfth-grade Civics class. Anyway, the reason for this mini-rant of mine is the discovery (HT to Coming Anarchy) of a "Daily Show" clip skewering CNN for many of these transgressions. Enjoy.

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