Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't let the candlelight vigilante chinboistas see this

From this past Sunday's Simpsons episode, "Treehouse of Horror XX."

This is, I imagine, what the mindless minions of the chinboistas imagine would happen if you chowed down on Nebraska corn-fed beef.


  1. Yarg! Hulu can only be watched from in the USA :(

  2. What?! Even for the clips?

    When I was in Seoul this paster summer, a computer-savvy friend in Texas tried to walk me through "tricking" the computer into thinking I was using a US-based IP address. It didn't work, but there are ways.

    Just wait a few months, though, and it will come on AFN-Korea.

  3. That was hilarious...!

    I love American beef!...

    I'll bet you 20 bucks that Korea's phobia of American beef played a role here considering that the Simpsons is drawn in Korea...

  4. Awww...I just came here to comment on that cute picture! My, but you do look a lot different as an adult. (I, and my mother, cannot say this--nothing like a relative looking at a picture from 1955 and asking, "Hey, Sunday! Is that YOU?!"

    (No, I've nothing to add about THOH XXXXX...Never thought I'd get a bit tired after watching it since the late 80s, but there ya go.)

    Oh, and how's life treating you? The whole college thing, etc.


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