Thursday, October 15, 2009

Korea news links for October 15, 2009

Can I call 'em or what? As expected, the big news coming out of Korea is the inter-Korean talks (this, folks, is what we call a no-brainer), attended by South Korea negotiator Kim Namshik, at far right in photo.

In particular, the top story out of the summit is summed up in the Yonhap headline: "North Korea apologizes for South Korean deaths from dam discharge." Contrary to popular rumor, however, the South didn't respond with, "Oh, yeah? Well what about the fu¢kin' missile launch?!" Not just because it would be terribly undiplomatic, but also because such a pun on the word dam just wouldn't play very well in Korean.
  1. North Korea expresses "regret" over Imjin River flooding deaths (Yonhap, BBC, Reuters via WaPo, AP via WaPo, Korea Times, Korea Herald, WSJ, Joongang Daily, USA Today, Fox News)
  2. South Korean unemployment rate falls to 3.6% in September (Bloomberg)
  3. Samsung and LG both begin sales of green-themed solar-powered cell phones (WSJ)
  4. KORUS free-trade agreement still under review but may be delayed until after 2010 midterm elections (AP via CNBC, Reuters)
  5. Nobel laureate Paul Krugman warns that South Korea's economic recovery may be "exaggerated" (Korea Herald)
  6. LG Display plans $4 billion venture in Guangzhou, China (Bloomberg)
  7. General Motors CEO meets with head of Korea Development Bank over GM Daewoo credit problems (Korea Herald)
  8. Hyundai Motors to build vehicle assembly plant in Cambodia's coastal region (People's Daily)
  9. Billy Graham's son meets North Korean Foreign Minister, suggesting Pyongyang will seek out private aid to compensate for international sanctions (Yonhap, CNN)
  10. Inspired by wildly popular Japanese children's book Everybody Poops, Seoul author Taehyoung Kim pens updated sequel, Everybody Vomits Noodles & Soju (PBS)

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  1. never pour soju in your noodles... it is never as fun as you expect it to be


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