Saturday, October 24, 2009

Foundatron visits Ullŭngdo

Foundatron, a Korea-related blog dedicated to mapping out things in Korea, took a trip to Ullŭngdo [울릉도/鬱陵島; aka Ulleungdo], the volcanic island out in the East Sea (Sea of Japan). It's a place I've been meaning to go for sometime, including this past summer, but I've never managed to get there.

I especially like the Foundatron's "do what I did" and "do what I didn't" headings. I wonder if it's worth it — if I'm with a group of three or more — to bring my car over on the ferry instead of relying on public transport.


  1. Could you link the blog you just referenced?

  2. Sorry about that. I thought I had when I first posted it. Foundatron's blog is one I recently added to my "Daily Breadth" in the sidebar.


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