Monday, October 26, 2009

It's only a matter of time before Macy's calls

Courtesy of Shinbone, who was inspired by news that the Dear Leader is going to supply all North Koreans with silk jammies, silk undies, silk leisure suits, etc., here is video of a much younger and more vibrant Kim Jong-il using his role as Fashionista and Tailor of the Masses to feel up women, men, and children alike.

The way he's poking and prodding his captive audience, he reminds me of Joey's tailor.


  1. songunblog is easily the best channel on youtube by far. the korean announcer's accent is AMAZING. you should watch their video on healthcare.

  2. I don't know why I'm doing your homework, but here is Songunblog's YouTube channel and here is the blog.

    I have run across Songunblog once or twice, but I lose interest sometimes because the Dear Leader in real life is such a depressing figure.

    Are those videos fake? They seem a little too real to be fake. This one seems like it was a real propaganda piece, some sort of newsreel type thing. It shows a 102-year-old woman born in 1890, so a 1992-ish time frame looks about right, going by what we see there.

    I'm too tired right now to go figure this out on my own.

  3. Juche!

    Brought to you by Chinese oil...

    Dae Bok Chosun Mansae!


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