Friday, October 9, 2009

Ways to remind the world that Tokto is Korean territory

Thank you, Korea Herald, for this helpful list. If you are doing any of these, please stop.


  1. Ways? That's only one way.

    I miss the obtuse, full-page analyses of why Dokdo is part of Korea.

  2. It's been done. It doesn't need to be rehashed.

    Seriously, I'm tired of the animosity that it engenders. Seoul and Tokyo need to get it behind them and move on toward the future. Maybe Tokyo can formally give up its claim in exchange for Korea tacitly (they can't do it formally) acknowledging Japanese claims in the Okinotorishima case. We need to start a moving-on era.

  3. Why don't we just blow up the rocks then? Then it wouldn't matter, right? Oh, ok..that was stupid...but it kind or reminds me when two siblings are fighting over something and in order to stop the conflict your parents would just throw it away or get rid of it so neither could have it if they didn't play peacefully. I honestly don't see why Korea-Japan couldn't hold joint security on there and how the world that the two countries can actually work together in this modern Asia world.

  4. I'm starting to sniff a gbevers and/or shakuhachi prowling around. Just you wait... BOOM!... Shak's onslaught of cut and pasted kanji and hiragana nonesense.


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