Monday, October 5, 2009

Loose change of the day

  1. Politicians are clamoring for tougher punishments for convicted child molesters
  2. A Korean immigrant is the focus of a Washington Post article on train station suicides
  3. English skills a decisive factor in landing jobs
  4. Workplace childcare centers are an unfulfilled fantasty
  5. South Korea looks to construction projects in Dubai as a new engine of development
  6. Chejudo to open an "eco-friendly" naval base by 2014
  7. Aeja a good movie about mother-daughter relations in Korea
  8. Absentee voting by mail being considered for overseas ROK nationals
  9. Are the Olympics ever a profitable venture for the host cities?
  10. Have conservative intellectuals been replaced by radio shock jocks, leaving conservatism brain dead?
  11. "Kopinos" in the Philippines searching for their Korean dads
  12. Tokyo cautious about the political implications of an imperial visit to Seoul

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