Thursday, October 1, 2009

News links for October 1, 2009

  1. Pyongyang dismisses ROK President Lee's "Grand Bargain" as "rubbish" (Xinhua and Reuters)
  2. H1N1 "swine flu" outbreaks appear to be slowing (Korea Herald)
  3. Netizens outraged by light sentence for brutal rapist of child (Korea Herald)
  4. Hannara lawmakers submit bill scrapping military duty exemption for "biracial" Korean citizens (Korea Times)
  5. President Lee supports redrawing of administrative and electoral districts to end regionalism (Korea Times)
  6. Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myunghwan agree to work closely and coordinate policies with the US on North Korea's nuclear disarmament (Japan Times)
  7. United Nations Development Program returns to North Korea after three-year hiatus (AP)
  8. Government to give 50,000 won "culture vouchers" to quarter million people deemed socially marginalized (Korea Herald)
  9. South Korean factory output drops 1.2 percent in August, ending seven-month streak of gains (Forbes)
  10. US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg says US open to dialogue with North Korea if that would help get nuclear disarmament talks restarted (AP)
  11. USFK Commander General Sharp warns of North Korea production of IEDs (AP)
  12. Fearing cultural encroachment by Koreans, Chinese scholars preemptively claim Hadrian's Wall was subsidiary of Great Wall of China; retaliation-minded Seoul historians eye Wall Street, Wall-E, Pink Floyd's The Wall, and Van der Waals forces (Newsweek Asia)


  1. Broken link @ #12

    Word verification: Redalin... sounds like a new ADHD drug.

  2. Chinese claim Hadrian's Wall... hahaha... hilarious!


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