Thursday, October 1, 2009

If it's Tuesday, it must be one of the Koreas...

While the Chosun Ilbo reports that John Cusack was appearing at the COEX to promote his upcoming film, 2012, it appears that John Cusack himself was in North Korea doing... God knows what.

Quoting the MTV Movies Blog:
Barack Obama has at least one passionate backer in Twitter-Wood for his Chicago Olympics pitch. Jeremy Piven tweeted support for his home city today, as the International Olympic Committee makes its final decision in Copenhagen. John Cusack, meanwhile, continued his intercontinental rounds and tweets today upon leaving North Korea for Japan, though it's anyone's guess how he got in there in the first place.
Indeed, here is the tweet from John Cusack himself:
In north Korea heading to japan -- feel like I'm being shuttled in and out of country s after international incidents...
Call South Korea "North Korea" and you may just have an international incident on your hands, Mr Cusack.

So, um... What's up with that? Is John Cusack just horribly confused thanks to jet lag? Is he just geographically impaired?

Or (and this is my theory), did the recent death of John Hughes make movie buff Kim Jong-il all nostalgic for 1980s depictions of tidily presented teen angst and so he kidnapped Mr Cusack with the intention of making sequels to Better Off Dead, Say Anything, and The Sure Thing*?

UPDATE (November 25, 2010):
I guess ex-Governor of Alaska, former Vice Presidential candidate, and future Republican nominee for President Sarah Palin and I are kindred spirits. Just as I often quote lines from John Cusack's flicks (e.g., "This is America, you can go anywhere"), Sarah Palin quotes lines from John Cusack's tweets.

* An all-time Kushibo favorite.

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  1. Yeah, that is a pretty stupid mistake by Cusack. But it just goes to show you that the general public still cannot distinguish N/S Korea, N/S Vietnam, and probably E/W Germany in the past. I was living in Seoul when Kim Il Sung died in '94 and I received a letter from a college friend (a very educated girl- now an attorney) who wrote and asked how we were doing after our president died. Just goes to show you that not everybody is watching Asian politics.


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