Thursday, October 1, 2009

President Lee on the brutal rape and mutilation of "Na Yŏng-i"

Korea Beat, a favorite blog of mine, has done an excellent job translating an article on President Lee Myungbak's reaction to the case of a repeat offender who raped a young girl barely in elementary school and destroyed her insides.

Many people around South Korea are up in arms because the brutal rapist pedophile received a sentence of only twelve years (see this separate Korea Beat post), even though his victim will require intensive medical treatment for the rest of her life. Follow the link to read about the picture above.

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  1. This case is extremely difficult to read and imagine. Despite what has happened, I think the little girl is very sweet for her drawing. The drawing is what she wishes to be done to the animal who raped her. In my opinion, she was far too easy on him. Even as a 9 year old, I could have thought up a much more deserving and brutal retribution, which only shows how sweet this poor little girl really is.


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