Friday, October 9, 2009

This movie review gives me an excuse to put up a picture of Gao Yuanyuan

The uber-adorable Gao Yuanyuan (left) is starring in a movie with Jung Woosung [정우성/鄭宇成; chŏng usŏng], the Korean actor whose handlers don't have the heart to tell him he's not actually able to grow a real mustache.

Here's the description from the Korea Herald:
A Korean businessman encounters a Chinese woman he used to know. He cannot speak Chinese. She doesn't understand Korean, either. The only common language they share is English. Remarkably, not much gets lost in translation, an intriguing feat that underscores the strength of director Hur Jin-ho's latest film, "A Good Rain Knows."
Sounds good. Looks even better. Ms Gao is so adorable, I think ROK netizens should claim she's Korean.


  1. They had a thing on TV about this movie a few days ago. Sitting through two hours of that English? I don't think so.

  2. Gosh...thanks for putting this Chinese actress/model in my radar. She's gorgeous....most likely a northerner from China.

  3. "Ms Gao is so adorable, I think ROK netizens should claim she's Korean"

    That's so funny -- as I was watching this movie I kept thinking she looks Korean.

  4. Here's a better one:

    "Ms Gao is so adorable, I think the Chinese media should claim that ROK netizens claim she's Korean".


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