Saturday, October 3, 2009

Competing Google... thingees

It is presently October 2 in the United States (including here in Hawaii) but it is already October 3 in Asia (including Korea). October 2 is the birthdate of Mahatma Gandhi. If he hadn't been killed by an assassin's bullet in 1948, he'd be 140 years old today. Google has honored him by temporarily changing the company logo on their search page:

Meanwhile, in South Korea it is Chusok, one of Korea's most important national holidays. Accordingly, Google's Korean-language search page has temporarily changed its logo to reflect this special day:

I think this is cute. Google has style, even if it doesn't always have class.

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  1. Their official nomenclature is "Google Logo". But I think most people refer to them as Google Doodles


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